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The company

BioApply was launched in 2006 to combat the impact of plastic bags. 

16 years later, we have avoided the production of over 1 billion plastic bags, improved the amount of organic waste sorted in Swiss Romandie by 30% and become the national leading distributor of compostable bags.

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1 billion plastic bags avoided

30% more organic waste sorted

National market leaders

The expertise that we have gained in the sector of carrier bags over the last decade has led us to identify that plastic is far from the only issue to combat. 

Since people started becoming aware of the negative impact disposable plastic bags have on our planet, alternatives have arisen. The most successful one being of course… 

The Tote Bag

The tote bag has slowly developed from a solution to a crisis. The cotton bags accumulate in our home, on doorknobs, in cupboards or in the bag of bags you keep under your kitchen sink. While originally developed with the best of intentions, when we take the time to analyse the impact of these bags, we quickly realise that they are likely doing more damage than good. 

I'm NOT A Plastic bag

It’s arguable that the craze of the cotton tote began around 2007 with the British designer Anya Hindmarch bringing out her “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” tote, which encouraged shoppers to stop buying single-use bags and went effectively viral.

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20,000 times

In 2017, the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark published an article that gave the Life Cycle Assessment of grocery carrier bags, including cotton totes. It suggests that an organic cotton tote needs to be used 20,000 times to offset its overall impact of production.

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The Cotton Tote Crisis

General awareness started to bloom when the New York Times brought out an article called “The Cotton Tote Crisis” that quickly created a stir in the tote bag sector. It referred to the the 2017 study, pointing out the devastating impact that the cotton totes have on the environment.

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Since identifying the issue, BioApply set to sourcing the most sustainable tote bag possible.

100% Wood fibre for minimal water impact, local sourcing and production to reduce unnecessary transport and emissions, certified sustainable and traceable supply chain for full transparency...

Every last detail taken care of.